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During the representation of a friend's performance, I found myself sitting a few rows behind his parents and family friends. Of this group, a woman, as soon as the performance started, took out her phone and started to record. And this until the salute of the performers which came maybe an hour later.


The framing was quite changing but always with a small piece of the curly hair of the man sitting before her. She would get tired or forget that she was filming and the phone would tilt to the right. She would whisper something to the person next to her, the phone would nose down and leave the stage to fall into the rows of staggered chairs and heads. She would zoom in and zoom out, to really enjoy the most beautiful moments. There was also some appropriate switches from portrait to landscape.


What at the beginning had seemed comical became by its continuity, a moving demonstration of endurance and love.


At the end of the hour, after the light had returned with the dancers, yet not stopping the recording, she rose to applaud. It must have felt like an earthquake for the phone that kept on meeting the other hand, despite the tremors it bravely went on and engraved in the image the emotion of this woman if it was not the stage and its dancers. 

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