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Falling back upon the desert sand_ bed liner

Our mean of travel tonight? the sky

The head rested between two pillows

Here a direct trajectory to the anti-ceiling 

There is no slow approach, no unwind, no piecemeal collection of the elements 

The only stars I spot are moving one, they blink at me so i blink back

We are bullying the overarching dream 

Nous avons dépeuplé le ciel de ses masses sombres qui font peur et rêver

Le rêve, l'inconnu, se tient  plus loin quelque part au fond de la science

Pourquoi ne pas allez à ce bout du bout

Reprendre de droit l'hypothèse 

Past Icarus, the farthest point of the universe, there we could 


how can a cloud be obviously upside down

7.30 Demenagement 

9.00 This dumb thought came to me. 

         As I saw him hold it high as if nothing 

         as if it were gonna be less heavy to carry now.

         As if every time it was care for, the other object          

         would know that it need not to make himself feel            

         so much

         Another example of how emotions are not solids 

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